Concentration and inner awakening

Concentration And Inner Axakening
Concentration And Inner Axakening

The practice of concentration is an essential step in the creation of our personal destiny. It enables us to clear our minds of confusion and develop self-control. Exercising concentration in our daily life helps develop our capacity to overcome obstacles without restraint or struggle and to create a more harmonious existence. Concentration helps us to take control over our memory and rediscover our true identity.

This little book invites us to discover in simple terms the path of consciousness according to the oral teachings of Tibetan Buddhism. This was the intention of Lama Blo-bzang Don-yod when, in the 17th century, he drew a diagram of a seeker accompanied by three symbolic animals.

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This path shows us the difficulties that we will have to overcome with the help of simple physical and mental exercises that require very little time to accomplish. The success of this method lies in short daily practise sessions rather than long, infrequent ones.