Perseus – The Warrior of Peace

Perseus The Warrior Of Peace

In a world of transition, today’s youth must take up new challenges, undreamed-of by past generations. But as in all perilous times, to face the challenge, one must have stable, tried and tested inner bearings and a correct inner disposition. The path of the warrior of peace is an ancient one. It is the implementation of teachings of wisdom, giving priority to the being and its choices, over « having » and appearances. Only by drinking from this source is it possible to work towards a new and better world, a world in which each person can find his place, a world capable of solidarity and common wealth, a world which notably begins with self-transformation. To learn to believe in oneself, in order to gradually go through each phase of one’s inner path, with the successive unfolding of one’s potential, is the only way to discover the freedom to choose and seize one’s own destiny. Today’s youth, like past youth, is always ready to play a role. However, we still need enthusiastic role-models like Perseus, the warrior of peace, to inspire souls and to nurture self-confidence.